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Friday, August 3, 2012

Current update.  I had an appraisal done on Wednesday, August 1st, requested by the bank (I will tell you all about that in another post).  I went over to the house on Tuesday, July 31 just to check it out, make sure it was okay and not vandalized, as I have been doing since my brother-in-law moved out.  Come to see that, according to Sam, the next door neighbor, the City of Warren came out and cut my lawn, front and back.  They moved a large pile of cut wood and stumps that my brother-in-law left in the yard out to the curb.  The pile was from a storm last summer, that knocked down a tree branch, which he cut up and was planning to . . . I suppose burn, but had not gotten around to it.  Anyway, the pile was in the back yard, concealed by a 6 foot privacy fence and gate.  No one could possibly see it from the street.  And for a point of reference, there are five houses that touch my fence as common neighbors, with the exception of Sam's house the rest are VACANT!  So, no one can see that pile back there, which by the way, I was intending to take to the dump.  Now the pile is on the curb where everyone can see it!!!  On the curb!

As I returned to the house the next day to await the arrival of the appraiser, much NOT to my surprise, the large pile of wood and stumps were still on the curb!  They did not pick it up!  And it was garbage and yard waste day!  Therefore, in addition to being apparently charged for the "service" of cutting my lawn, by the City of Warren, I am now going to be ticketed for having trash on my front lawn, which is to large to be picked up by the contractors that the City hires to pick up yard waste.  Brilliant!  It was in the back, out of sight, and organized, now it is out in front, causing an eyesore from the street, and to the neighbors that have to look at it.  Remember, the common neighbors touching my back yard fence are VACANT.  But the two across the street are long time homeowners and keep very nice houses.

In sum, the City of Warren, cut my lawn, which I have been cutting, moved debris from the back of the house, which no one could see, to the front of the house, which now EVERYONE can see, and that is to large for the yard waste guys to pick up, which they in turn have left just sitting there.  That now will garner me a ticket by the home and blight inspector, who, I assume does not know that another city department came out and cut my lawn, and put the pile out there.  Once again, brilliant!

As a side note, there are three other houses on the block that are vacant and have lawns that are overgrown that the City of Warren DID NOT CUT!  And numerous houses and businesses on Schoenherr a rather large main thoroughfare that remain UNCUT.  So, why, why, did they single my house out of the rest of them to cut?  My house is on a dead end street, towards the end!  The crew had to pass two houses that had higher lawns than mine just to cut mine!

/s/ Charles L. Basch II

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