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Monday, August 13, 2012

It has been a few days, so I thought I would provide an update on the process.  I will be scanning and posting the letter series that I have received from Chase, to date.  However, for now just a summary.

Today, I received two letters from Trott & Trott.

**(For the record, I have no beef with Trott, nor anyone that works there, and in fact, I think that they do a great job overall, and I am merely setting forth information on my process as a whole, love ya over there!  Really.)

Let me say first, that this whole process could be eliminated by either them foreclosing, which I do believe to be the inevitable conclusion, or just taking the deed, as I have asked from the beginning     However, for them to take transfer of the deed in lieu of foreclosure, I need to provide to them, in addition to my shoe size and the exact count of the staples in my desk, all of my financial documents, this "disclosure" add's up to more than I provide to my trusty accountant, and to my spiritual leader Homer Simpson in any give year.  This document disclosure is to, which, I suppose is to gain knowledgeable information about the whereabouts of my and my cosigners bank accounts and employer information.  That in turn will make any future work towards a garnishment and seizure all that much easier.  Even though I have stated (ps for informational purposes only and not as an actual endorsement) that I would pay the loan as it exists. All I want to do is get the house out of my name, and allow them to sell and move on.  All of this I know would still be my financial responsibility.  But without all that pesky ownership irresponsibility.  Well the answer to this is a resounding NO, I cannot do that.  So here we are, at a log jam, in the River of Foreclosure, deep in the Jungle of Default!  I feel the natives approaching and I am unarmed.

/s/ Charles L. Basch II      

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