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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Affordable Health Care, rrrriiight!

This is right from Mr Conyer's website.

I am concerned that, one, these so called young people will not want insurance, or very well may be able to remain on their parents "affordable" policy and therefore not take part, or have to take part in the insurance exchange because of the fact that they will be able to stay on their parents policy until age 26.  I would love to see a policy for $50 a month, that meets the ACA's strict mandates for a standard policy, oh wait, and I forgot, that is after the government subsidy.

Two, how about the middle class who may not qualify for any government incentives, and do not have an employer covered policy.  I suspect, that there will be a lot of people opting to take the $95 penalty next year.

Vote these "lifers" out of office.  Mr. Conyers has been in office for longer than I have been alive.  How "in touch" could he possibly be with any of his constituents?

Oh wait, wait, there is more.  Maybe we can take the $95 penalty, and use that towards this other issue Mr. Conyer's Has.  (Again, from his webpage)

No, I am not against feeding kids, not at all, in fact, I am for it, but the way that is is couched that the Republicans are the evil ones, that just gets me.

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