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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

10 Reasons I Do Not Like Student Loans

What are the most hated things about loans for college.

1. Getting an expensive degree, does not guarantee a high paying job!

2. Your “grace” period is only six months after graduating, most don't have a job yet!

3. You start late out of the gate due to number two above, and the late payments kick in!

4 Starts to destroy your credit!

5. This insures that you will go deeper in debt!

6. You will not keep up, due to the payment being as high or higher than a house payment!

7. Your co-signers will want to kill you, after they have started to make your payments for you!

8. The schools do not help you with grants, scholarships or other free money that is out there!

9. Most students will never read the fine print, nor are they encouraged too!

10. And the worst, is they cannot be discharged in  CHAPTER 7 BANKRUPTCY!!!  

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