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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Top 10 Filing Districts In America as of June 2015 for Bankruptcy

There are 94 Federal Judicial Districts covering all 50 states and Territories, under 11 Circuits and a D.C. Circuit. The government keeps track, of course, of all filings under bankruptcy, and I am sure all other areas of law too, but this list is the top ten filing districts for bankruptcy in raw filings, it does not take into consideration percentage of overall population just the amount filed. If it was taken on a percentage of population basis, the list would be a bit different. For example, in the Eastern District of Michigan, where I practice, for many years between 2000 and 2010 we were the highest filing district per capita despite other districts filing more actual cases. The winners are!
1. The Central District of California wins with 51,323
2. Illinois' Northern District with 49,202
3. The Northern District of Georgia at 34,069
4. Middle District of Florida at 33,311
5. New Jersey at 26,147
6. Eastern District of Michigan at 25,736
7. Northern District of Ohio at 21,061
8 Maryland at 18,957
9. Southern District of Ohio at 18,796, and rounding out the top ten,
10. California's Eastern District at 18, 535
There were 879,736 cases filed in all districts total, and these are the top ten out of ninety four and accounts for 297,137 of the total filed. That is a little less than one third, in just the top ten. The 6th Circuit wins with three districts representing, but the 9th still wins on total amount of cases filed! Way to go California!  

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