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Monday, September 7, 2015

Fixing My Credit

Should I hire a company to help me fix my credit?

There are many scams out there by "companies" claiming that they can fix your credit. And they are quite expensive. More times than not they are frauds, and you are better of doing the work yourself.

Reputable companies never take money up front. The Fair Credit Reporting Act has fees built into the law allowing these reputable companies to get paid by the creditor, or creditors who made the mistake.

Be aware of any company that recommends that you get a new social security number, or tax identification number, this is illegal, and fraudulent, and you will get in trouble with the authorities, and trust, once that happens, the company that makes that recommendation will be long gone, along with your money.

Visit the it is a great place to start and provides a wealth of information.

Email me and I will provide my credit repair self help manual for a nominal fee. I have put together a comprehensive step by step self help manual.

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