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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

First, I am a parent.  I express my deepest condolences to everyone at Sandy Hook.  I will never be the same either, knowing this has happened.

The rhetoric that is emanating mere hours after this has happened is appalling.  I cannot with good conscience pick a perceived side of right or wrong.  The whole thing is wrong.  However, I am not of the opinion that every person should surrender their guns.  I am an educated man.  I am law trained.  I do not believe that any law no matter how severe the consequence would be, could have prevented this immeasurable tragedy.

There are some very prominent advocates of complete gun censorship that are extolling their hatred of guns on us.

One that is getting the most press, for no other reason than he more than likely controls the press is Mayor Bloomberg.  And well, as an American, and a lawyer, I welcome, in fact encourage his voice, but I do not support his position.  I feel it to be hypocritical.  Mr. Bloomberg, is a very wealthy man, by all accounts, a billionaire.  He has, as most have documented, and only I can suppose, many body guards that are very well armed.  He has them to protect him from what he perceives to be a potential threat to his safety and well being.  Rightfully so, and he is entitled to as an American citizen.  I am not a wealthy man,  I am just trying to make a living in the best way I know how.  Regardless, I am fortunate enough to have some money from time to time, and I in fact have the license to carry a weapon (yes I follow the law, and do what I need to, to keep my license), for my protection and piece of mind.  I carry a concealed weapon for my protection, and pray to God that I never ever have to pull it out.  I go to the range and I hunt I respect them as a tool to accomplish tasks they were set out for, and designed to do.  I do not own assault weapons.  I really have no desire for them, but others do, and if that is their choice, then so be it.  Evil will find it's means in whatever way possible.

While I have no plans to buy an assault weapon in the future, I would like to be able to if the need or desire arose.

What I feel is missing in this whole discussion is education.  Pure and simple.  We as a country focus on many things abroad but is seems very few at home.  Our educational system is in peril.  We must open a dialogue of education and compassion before we try and impose regulation and law, which in my opinion will only create more hatred and faction.  If it is truly about our children, then we must change and educate, not legislate.

/s/ Charles L. Basch II

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