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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Michigan Exemptions from Garnishment

Michigan law exempts certain types of funds from being garnished.

  • Worker's Disability Compensation MCL § 418.821
  • Unemployment benefits MCL § 421.30
  • Michigan general assistance – Family Independence Program, Food Assitance, EBT, State Disability MCL § 400.63
  • Social Security benefits, even to bankruptcy and insolvency law 42 USC § 401(a); MCR 3.101(K)(2)(a)

Shall not be assignable or subject to attachment or garnishment or be held liable in any way or for a debt.

A recent federal lawsuit out of Georgia has halted garnishment in one county due to the law being unconstitutional. The law in Georgia fails to mention that certain things are exempt from being garnished and if they are how to get them back, The Plaintiff was not disclosing that there were exemptions and how a garnishee would go about getting those monies back. 

Now the attorney general of Georgia is scrambling around to figure out a way to correct the unconstitutionality of the law!  

Fight for your money!!!  Read all your law suit papers, and make sure you are protected.  

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